It's the end of the world as we know it...

It's the end of the world as we know it.... Well it is for me anyway.  This is my last week at work.   Stepping off into the unknown after many many years of cubicle dwelling and working for the same employer.   It's funny, I feel I owe it to be as productive as possible in this last week.   Next week will be a whole new ball game. No work to think about, time to reflect and learn some new skills. So in that spirit, I plan to do some photography with my new found spare time.  Here's the first shot with my Digital SLR from the back veranda. Extra points if you know what type of bird this is. 

2 weeks to go.

2 weeks left until I finish up at work and embark on the next life adventure.   Well this is taking a long time...    Reminds me of the ancient saying  "This too shall pass".    I'm thinking about having the saying made into tattoo to remind me of the temporary nature of our existence.  I had a quick google for tattoos of this, and found it is quite  a common tattoo. Doh, and I thought I was special :( News from the world, COVID vaccines are looking very close to being released, and news from overseas countries of infection rates is horrendous.   1 million  new case in the U.S. in 6 days.  I was thinking last night that maybe 2/3rd's of my waking hours are spent thinking about work issues and trying to solve work needs.  Once I leave this behind, I'm going to have a lot more free thought time.  Time to be creative, time to learn, time to spend with family and friends, time to learn a new skill or dust off an old one.  I'd love to hear from others going through

3 weeks to go...

 3 weeks to go.... 3 weeks until my life takes a major change in direction.   3 weeks to finish up in my job and move onto the next chapter.   The pressure associated with making a big change like this shouldn't be underestimated.   What does life hold in store for the next chapter?  Will it be better or worse?   It will be interesting to find out either way.    I saw the bass player from Midnight Oil passed away over the weekend at 62.  I've enjoyed his work for many years.   It reinforced my decision to do some interesting stuff and free up some time in my fifties.   If you haven't gotten into Midnight Oil , I recommend you give them a try.   Start with 'Power and the Passion' and let me know what you think.    If you've taken a similar large step away from a secure job, to free up more time, or even if you are thinking about it, send me a comment.  I'd love to hear your perspective, after all life is all about perspective right.  I treat my blog a bit lik

Dead man walking...

 Who loves 'The green mile'?  I do, great cast, production and script.    Why are we talking about this?  Well I'm in that weird position where I have given notice that I'm leaving my job, but am still required to be working for the next 5 or so weeks.   It reminded me of the 'dead man walking' phrase.  I described it to a colleague this week as like breaking up with your girlfriend and then having to live with her for the next 5 weeks.  I am fully expecting to be second guessing my decision many times from now on, and this is happening a bit, but as I think through it it still feels like the right thing to do.   I'm expecting it will take months before I can get past the work based thinking that dominates a lot of my waking hours.   things like " am I doing everything needed in a timely manner", " am I being considerate of my staff members"," am I doing to much / no enough",  "did I do a good job on that thing" etc. 

The Journey Awaits.

 Welcome to my journey.  Have you fantasized about leaving your job and wondered how that might work out for you?  Me too.  This is exciting right, stepping out of the comfort zone into the unknown?  This is a blog of what actually happens ( for me anyway) as I work through this big change.    Like any good story we better set the scene.  I'm Matt, 51 y/o Australian guy and have been working for the same good employer for about 16 years.    I've got a couple of grown up kids and a supportive wife, who has a good job.    For most of the last 25 years, I've been focused on providing for the family, but now as they are growing up, I need to peel back that responsibility and examine what makes me happy in life.   Lately work hasn't been doing that.   This week I gave formal notice of resignation to my boss.  We had been discussing it for a couple for weeks, but here we are.   There's a lot of stress involved in these types of decisions, second guessing and fear of the u